Beginning again…

It’s been a while but I think its time for me to start documenting my London rambles again. I feel like I am going into a new phase in my London “journey” and in turn life itself. As I reach my 25th year in life I find myself content, challenging myself and understanding myself more and more.

Over the last year a lot has changed but I am still exploring and enjoying London every day. A huge benefit of my line of work allows me to discover every street, every market stall and particularly anywhere you can get a decent drink.

I am going to try to write as many posts as I can to help me remember the days I spend in London and what I stumble. Maybe it will help someone decide where to go on a sunny Sunday or even a mid-week pick me up.



The Attendant

This coffee stop is not for the faint hearted. If you are claustrophobic don’t bother and if you don’t enjoy a public toilet you may not like the aesthetics.

Located on Foley St, the Attendant is simply a cosy Espresso bar situated in an 120 year old public toilet. However despite being sat next to a porcelain urinal the coffee is good.

the attendent

This is definitely a novelty place to meet a friend for a coffee but it has all the right elements. Cute tables, over priced nibbles and quirky staff.

Don’t expect any phone signal in the deep depths of the public toilet, but if you catch a bar everybody in the room will be able to hear your remarks so be warned.

Take a look for yourself:


Guest Blogger: Emma D.

London is filled with the best in class food and drinking establishments – in fact, best in the world wouldn’t be an understatement with the amount of pop ups, Michelin stars and world famous chefs arriving daily.

Understandably it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack to pinpoint where you want to go, where is available or that meets your needs in short notice.

The London scene is an overflowing cornucopia of deliciousness which often leads to a default Pizza Express 241 deal… and as much as I love an American Hot with an extra side of dressing on a cheeky Friday lunch…. let’s avoid if we can.

Here are my top tips for finding the establishment of your dreams:

First: Get your ducks in a row

  • Choose your area (And Leicester Square does not count with Covent Garden and Soho just around the corner)
  • Narrow down the types of food your keen on
  • How many people are going to be eating/drinking (more than 6 can be tricky for no-booking restaurants)
  • Rule out Angus Steak House Immediately 


Second: Get Google Ready

  • Get onto Time Out, Open Table and the Evening Standard for the latest openings and recommendations. They may seem obvious but they are great central resources.
  • Use Google to find the best streets/most happening areas as even if you can’t find a particular restaurant if you go the right street e.g. Wardour Street Soho you know there will be somewhere great to choose!
  • Check Twitter and Instagram. It might sound corny but checking my favourite blogger, foodie Instagram accounts and just hashtags for that area often throws up some great recommendations and nice photos of food to whet your appetite.


Third: Prepare to just turn up

  • Following the above should give you an idea on where or what you’re looking for. Give them a ring to book or if no bookings are taken (more often than not) then at least you can find out the estimating waiting time for that time or date.
  • If you find the best street in that area then you can just turn up and wander about. Some of the best places I’ve found are from turning down that one last alleyway.

Artillery Passage, Spitalfields

And if it ends in an American Hot then c’est la vie.

My next guest post will be the best quick-stop foodie paradises in central London!

Bisous, ED